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Garden Jars - HerbsGarden Jars - Herbs
Garden Jars - Herbs
Sale price$20.00
Terracotta Grow KitsTerracotta Grow Kits
Terracotta Grow Kits
Sale price$24.00
Tiny Terracotta KitsTiny Terracotta Kits
Tiny Terracotta Kits
Sale price$12.99
Save $5.20
One-For-One Tree KitsOne-For-One Tree Kits
One-For-One Tree Kits
Sale priceFrom $7.79 Regular price$12.99
Rooted CandlesRooted Candles
Rooted Candles
Sale price$12.99
Save $10.00
Travel TriosTravel Trios
Travel Trios
Sale price$14.99 Regular price$24.99
Save $0.90
Seed Lollipop - PollinatorSeed Lollipop - Pollinator
Seed Lollipop - Pollinator
Sale price$5.09 Regular price$5.99
Save $0.90
Seed Lollipop - CulinarySeed Lollipop - Culinary
Seed Lollipop - Culinary
Sale price$5.09 Regular price$5.99
Save $2.25
Cosmic Seed KitsCosmic Seed Kits
Cosmic Seed Kits
Sale price$6.74 Regular price$8.99
Bright Side Seed BallsBright Side Seed Balls
Bright Side Seed Balls
Sale price$11.99
Seed BombSeed Bomb
Seed Bomb
Sale price$6.99
Seed SalutationsSeed Salutations
Seed Salutations
Sale price$5.99
New Arrival
Gardening Shears & PrunersGardening Shears & Pruners
Gardening Shears & Pruners
Sale price$18.99
Sold out
Herb Pull & Pinch DishHerb Pull & Pinch Dish
Herb Pull & Pinch Dish
Sale price$11.99
Save $3.60
Tea TowelsTea Towels
Tea Towels
Sale price$8.39 Regular price$11.99

3 colors available

New Arrival Save $2.00
Precision TweezersPrecision Tweezers
Precision Tweezers
Sale price$7.99 Regular price$9.99
New Arrival Save $2.60
Soil ScoopSoil Scoop
Soil Scoop
Sale price$10.39 Regular price$12.99
Plant Nutrients - 4 ozPlant Nutrients - 4 oz
Plant Nutrients - 4 oz
Sale price$15.99
Save $9.60
Plant Nutrients - 8 ozPlant Nutrients - 8 oz
Plant Nutrients - 8 oz
Sale price$14.40 Regular price$24.00
Seed Ball KitsSeed Ball Kits
Seed Ball Kits
Sale price$14.99
Curious Critters Garden KitsCurious Critters Garden Kits
Save $4.50
Microgreens Pop-Up KitMicrogreens Pop-Up Kit
Microgreens Pop-Up Kit
Sale price$10.49 Regular price$14.99
New Arrival Save $10.50
Agave Grow KitAgave Grow Kit
Agave Grow Kit
Sale price$19.49 Regular price$29.99


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