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We got our start by being really into eating (who’s not?). The fresh, homegrown herbs that we desired were not supported by our yard-less home and busy lifestyle. Determined to find a solution, we turned to our windowsills and put pen to paper. By making our own hydroponic system that hadn’t yet existed in a seamless, beautiful and accessible way, we grew foolproof plants and even maintained our self-esteem (after a few tries).
- Sarah & Nick

What Matters Most

Purposeful Planting

Through plants, moods are boosted, air is purified, bodies are nourished and homes can be a calming oasis in a busy world. We believe that when you tend to a plant, you tend to yourself.

Minimizing Friction

Our approach solves for the challenges of modern plant care with simple-to-use products and creative adaptations to space, light and seasonal constraints.

Prioritizing Design

We’re inspired by biophilic design and believe that every product we make should channel nature’s sense of awe and wonder, while fitting seamlessly into any room or space.

Our Thrive Promise

From video tutorials to access to a plant savvy support specialist, we’re here to support your growing journey. We stand behind our products, so if a kit isn’t growing as expected or something is wrong with your order please reach out. Our team will respond quickly to help troubleshoot and send replacement components as needed so you can try, try, try again.

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Rooted in Chicago

What you touch, we’ve touched. We source as much as we can domestically and prioritize manufacturing, assembling and shipping from our hometown. This is important because it supports the community far beyond our walls. In addition to economic stability for our employees and their families, we spend heavily with local companies – from printers to packaging suppliers to the food trucks that show up at our dock to feed our team. When finished goods are imported from overseas, we lose the beneficial ripple effect.   

Team Top Picks

Our gardening go-tos

Flower Grow Kits

"I love our Flower Grow Kits so much! I’m so drawn to the modern vessel and the muted colors, and I love the idea that the lava rock grow medium canbe reused for future planting."

Audrey │ Specialty Sales Manager

Tiny Terracottas

"I'm a sucker for our Tiny Terracottas! Theminimalist design fits perfectly in my house and their small scale allows me to fit many into onewindowsill to create a fun little mini garden."

Andie │ Lead Package Designer

Standard Grow Frame

"Our family's Grow Frame stands as the current propagation and rehab center. Any plant needing a little boost and extra care goes right into the frame. It works every time!"

Chris │ Corporate Controller


Our desire to encourage purposeful planting is as strong as our desire to be better; for people, plants and the planet. From our practices to our products, we continually strive to do more good than harm.

Thoughtful Transitions

After the Garden Jar Redesign, we transitioned our replant kits to be in standing paper pouches — removing the old plastic bag they were in previously out of the equation.

thrive promise

thrive promise

We love a growth mindset! All products are backed by our Thrive Promise; our commitment to supporting your success.