Plant Me! Part 1: Growframe Basics

Plant Me! Part 1: Growframe Basics

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Modern Sprout’s biggest conversation starter is no doubt our line of grow lights. There’s nothing quite like a living entryway, countertop herb garden, or watercloset growspace. Growframes are blissfully versatile and wildly unique. These stunners are live art pieces that have the capability to thrive practically anywhere, with smart features to boot.

landscape growframe with plants above a console table in living room

The all-inclusive Landscape Growframe is watertight, so you can plant directly into the frame. Smart LEDs enable the opportunity to grow anywhere in your home regardless of natural light.

landscape growframe set-up

planted landscape teal landscape growframe


Our watertight Landscape Growframes and Growhouses never need a liner in order to get started. These planters are drainage-free, so we recommend an aerating substance to help grow healthy root systems no matter what you decide to cultivate inside. Our grow medium kits are perfect for most plants.

Grow medium kit components with tan backgroundOr use the soil of your choice and mix in a porous partner like lava rock or stone to keep roots happy and healthy. Be sure to plan your ecosystem with your plants health in mind by choosing plants that have similar light and water needs.


We recommend planting first and securing your frame to the wall second. If you choose to mount your Growframe or Growhouse, use the included wood screws in your growframe pack and screw into a set of wall studs. Use the buddy system for easy installation. Download full instructions here.


When selecting a growframe from our extensive line, check on your WiFi specs and capabilities. All frames connect to our Smart App over 2.4GHz WiFi. If not already prepared, you can easily split your WiFi channels through your personal portal no matter the provider.

smart phone with grow light app

Though Modern Sprout Growframes can be used without connecting to WiFi, they will be limited to the on/off switch without dimming and scheduling capabilities if you choose not to link your device. Checkout our Grow Light FAQs for more information. 

Turmeric colored Growframe on/off timer button close up


Start with a factory reset. Unplug your Grow light for a full day. Return to the growframe and try again to connect first in standard mode and then AP mode.

See our complete connection FAQ support here!

thrive promise

thrive promise

We love a growth mindset! All products are backed by our Thrive Promise; our commitment to supporting your success.