Plant Me! Series Part 2: Styling a Growframe

Plant Me! Series Part 2: Styling a Growframe

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It’s so gorgeous. But where can I display it?

Our growframes are show-stoppers, it’s true. The only limitation you’re going to encounter is your imagination.

Modern Sprout Matte Black Smart Landscape Growframe mounted on a brick wall above a wood console table with candlesOur team designed our line of growframes with the city-dweller in mind, just when you thought you were out of room for more plants! It’s no secret we’re a housewares favorite (Oprah Daily Feature), but you can spot us displayed all over North America from small storefronts to plant shops and nurseries. Our partners in growing not only carry our growframes, they’re full-fledged fans. 

Both our Growframes and Growhouses can be mounted to a wall or set on a surface depending on the look you’re going for. Now, you’ll never have to sacrifice precious floor space for plants. Bring in the green in a sleek, modern vessel that blends with any décor from modern farmhouse, to mid-century modern, and everything in between.

Modern Sprout Matte Black Smart Growhouse sitting on a white counter topThe clean design balances well with the organic shapes of your plants and lets them take center stage in any room. Entryways perfectly suit the scale of the Landscape Growframe. Cacti are an especially resilient choice for this feature-length beauty as they can withstand cold blasts and varied temperatures with resilience. Many cacti will thrive so well in a growframe that they tend to flower! 

entryway console with Modern Sprout white smart landscape growframe mounted above vases and plantsOpt for more fragrant opportunities in the master bath.

Mid-century modern master bath vanity and mirror with turquoise smart standard growframe(Better Homes & Gardens Feature) Sage, Echinacea, and Rosemary not only enjoy humidity, they make for a fantastic fresh-face steam. 

Bedrooms are also a perfect place for Landscape Growframes. Acting as a statement headboard, fill the frame with your favorite trailing houseplants and let nature take root in your dreams.

planted landscape growframe statement piece above bedThoughtfully designed, our Smart Growframes and Growhouses offer a previously unheard of versatility and utility in the plant game. No longer will pets and kids knock into your plant babies. Never will you be forced to restart your grows and cleanup depressed winter plants. Our lights provide direct light to your plants and a sense of peace. The confidence that comes from growing with a Modern Sprout Growframe puts even the most discerning plant parent ahead of the pack. You know what you’re doing. Now get those skills on display.

Words by Sydney Gutierrez

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