Plant Me! Part 3: Growframe Planting Scapes

Plant Me! Part 3: Growframe Planting Scapes

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Modern Sprout Smart Landscape Growframes and Growhouses alike are total stars for both their elegance and sheer number of possible planting scapes. With so much flexibility, you might be hard-pressed to decide what to actually put in your Growframe.

hands holding philodendron leaves over a stoveI've been seriously obsessed with philodendron in the Landscape Growframe as of late. Particularly any variety with a bit of striping, and these contrasts become more dramatic when exposed to sunlight. It's striking, it's natural, and it's a low-maintenance attention getter. Adding the trailing plants to a gallery wall will add visual interest to a see of angular framed art and photos. Consider getting adventurous and blend together a few species for a mix of color and texture. As an added bonus, philodendron is perfectly suited for propagating. Simply snip off a small section to send home with guests who are sure to gush over your new centerpiece.

hands holding a clipping of philodendron in front of a white wallAnother option is to create your own succulent oasis. The vast majority of succulents will flower in our growframes with time, and dependent on the length of time in which your light is on at full brightness, you can "stress" them and make them change colors! One thing to keep in mind is that  aloe grows quickly, so I would opt for a blend of ground cover- like Hen and Chicks-mixed in with a few smaller tower-like clusters for variety. A mixture of heights and textures will make for the most natural-looking landscape. When planting your frame, think about layers of plants, trailing in the front, some taller plants at the back and ground cover in between.

turmeric colored smart standard growframe mounted on a tan wall with succulents Modern Sprout was founded on the desire to have fresh herbs on hand, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t suggest a frame to table design. Keep an ongoing herb garden on the wall, ripe for transplant or a quick harvest without the waste of purchasing herbs at the grocery store. Cut down on plastic consumption, carbon emissions, and save extra green by starting from propagations. Lemon Thyme and Mint thrive under our growlights, and these fragrant refreshers have a place in any part of your daily routine. Teas, breakfast pastry, a post-work cocktail or a homemade marinade are all enriched by these fragrant features. I for one, also like to propagate and transplant Basil for added earthy variety. For a comprehensive propagation guide, check out our Propagation Blog for our best thoughts on the subject.

turquoise growframe with basil and herbs mounted on white wall next to a bedAs plants outgrow your frame, consider snipping off sections or dividing them and sharing with friends. Not only will it make room for new growth in your frame, one of our favorite things about gardening is sharing the experience with friends and neighbors. Well-loved plants just make more plants, and, let's be honest, the one thing all plant parents can agree on is you can never have enough plants!

plant clippings on top of white marble background

Happy Cultivating,

Sydney Gutierrez

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