Now Growing: Travel Trios

Now Growing: Travel Trios

Return to your roots and plant together Reading Now Growing: Travel Trios 2 minutes

Transport yourself across the world for a brief moment.

Make your seed selection an event this season. Pick from one of our globally inspired garden kits to grow with a goal in mind and an escape to cherish.

Parisian Florist Travel Trio Grow kit on picnic blanket outside Try your hand at becoming a Parisian Florist. After nurturing the non-GMO Sweet Pea, Snapdragon, and Asters to bloom, pick and arrange these dramatic stunners using the brass vase arrangement topper and floral arrangement guide to give your bouquet a stunning structure from every angle. Fragrant and delicate, this arrangement is sure to draw the eye.

butcher block cutting board with guacamole ingredients on a counter top by window Travel to Mexico to make an incredible Salsa Verde a step above using ingredients you’ve grown yourself. Inside, you’ll find organic Cilantro, Jalapeno, and Tomatillo seeds for your planter to table treat. To prepare, use the included de-seeder to create a less spicy dish for the table while consulting the included recipe card for an especially crisp taste. Pair with your favorite crunchy tortilla chip and share in the journey.

Seaside in Santorini Travel Trio Grow Kit next to butcher block with sea salt canister and fresh Mediterranean herbsPreserve the flavor using the ingredients that best embody the Mediterranean. Rosemary, Oregano, and Dill once picked are the perfect to enhance your regional dishes in everything from delicate chicken to the simplest of salads. Add in your herbs to the included salt cellar using the included Seasoned Salt recipe card for seasoning that’s a step above. In no time at all, this powerhouse will earn its spot front and center in your kitchen.

Within every kit is an opportunity to explore. Where will the senses lead you next?

Happy Cultivating!
The Modern Sprout Team

Words by: Sydney Gutierrez

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