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flower grow kits

I love our Flower Grow Kits so much! I’m so drawn to the modern vessel and the muted colors, and I love the idea that the lava rock grow medium canbe reused for future planting.

Audrey │ Specialty Sales Manager

Tiny Terracotta Kits

I'm a sucker for our Tiny Terracottas! Theminimalist design fits perfectly in my house and their small scale allows me to fit many into onewindowsill to create a fun little mini garden.

Andie │ Lead Package Designer

Standard Grow Frame

Our family's Grow Frame stands as the propagation and rehab center. Anything needing a little boost goes into the frame — works every time!

Chris │ Corporate Controller



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Produce Keepers, 2pkProduce Keepers, 2pk
Produce Keepers, 2pk
Sale price$7.99 Regular price$9.99
Save $47.80
Smart GrowhouseSmart Growhouse
Smart Growhouse
Sale price$191.20 Regular price$239.00

2 colors available

Save $7.60
Flower Grow KitsFlower Grow Kits
Flower Grow Kits
Sale price$30.40 Regular price$38.00
Save $2.60
Tiny Terracotta KitsTiny Terracotta Kits
Tiny Terracotta Kits
Sale price$10.39 Regular price$12.99
Save $43.80
Smart Standard GrowframeSmart Standard Growframe
Smart Standard Growframe
Sale price$175.20 Regular price$219.00

4 colors available

Save $57.80
Smart Landscape GrowframeSmart Landscape Growframe
Smart Landscape Growframe
Sale price$231.20 Regular price$289.00

3 colors available

Save $2.00
Botanical Keepers, 2pkBotanical Keepers, 2pk
Botanical Keepers, 2pk
Sale price$7.99 Regular price$9.99
Save $13.00
Travel TriosTravel Trios
Travel Trios
Sale price$11.99 Regular price$24.99
Save $3.80
Gardening Shears & PrunersGardening Shears & Pruners
Gardening Shears & Pruners
Sale price$15.19 Regular price$18.99
Save $2.60
Soil ScoopSoil Scoop
Soil Scoop
Sale price$10.39 Regular price$12.99
Sold out
Herb Pull & Pinch DishHerb Pull & Pinch Dish
Herb Pull & Pinch Dish
Sale price$9.59 Regular price$11.99
Save $6.80
Sale price$27.20 Regular price$34.00

4 colors available

Save $1.80
Cosmic Seed KitsCosmic Seed Kits
Cosmic Seed Kits
Sale price$7.19 Regular price$8.99
Save $1.20
Seed SalutationsSeed Salutations
Seed Salutations
Sale price$4.79 Regular price$5.99
Oprah's Pick New Arrival Save $4.00
NEW! Garden Jars - Organic HerbsNEW! Garden Jars - Organic Herbs
NEW! Garden Jars - Organic Herbs
Sale price$16.00 Regular price$20.00
New Arrival Save $2.60
Tiny Terracotta Garden KitsTiny Terracotta Garden Kits
Tiny Terracotta Garden Kits
Sale price$10.39 Regular price$12.99
New Arrival Save $2.60
Pet Tiny Terracotta Grow KitsPet Tiny Terracotta Grow Kits
Pet Tiny Terracotta Grow Kits
Sale price$10.39 Regular price$12.99
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thrive promise

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