The Eco-Conscious Grower

The Eco-Conscious Grower

You know the rewilding movement is about more than plastic straw alternatives. You’re contributing to the cause by shopping small and local when you can, and living with the essentials. You strive to gift items that have a positive impact on the recipient and the planet.

mid-century modern living room with several green potted plants

You know healing the world starts at home through your daily routine. If there’s no purpose: there’s no purchase. That’s why you tend to grow plants with a job to do. Aloe, Echinacea, and Basil are all staples gracing gorgeous locally thrown pottery in your world.

Do you know this grower? Are you this grower?

person wearing white garden gloves planting basil in the ground

We happen to know a few of these green thumbs digging deep into their abilities to do good. They’re known to make long-term choices with minimal permanent impact on the world around them. There’s a chance they even know “the jar woman” or the young woman who successfully stored four year’s worth of non-biodegradable and non-recyclable waste in a simple mason jar to prove a point: Living environmentally conscious is possible even if you have a family of four under one roof.

three herb mason jars on kitchen counter

Eco Conscious Growers have a discerning eye. They research to protect our planet one choice at a time by living purposefully. They cultivate their world to include nature whenever possible. Their influencer is Mother Nature, and she’s the best designer.

black wooden herb box with tomatoes and limes sitting in front of it

We know this grower because we are this grower. We source locally at every opportunity and take every opportunity to learn. To paraphrase the great Maya Angelou, when we know better, we do better; we make sustainable choices for planet and plant parents at every turn. Modern Sprout believes when we are in balance with nature, we open ourselves up to experience awe and peace.

So, what are we cultivating today?

Happy growing,
The Modern Sprout Team

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