Mighty Microgreens: A Recipe Starter

Mighty Microgreens: A Recipe Starter

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Compact and full of flavor, Microgreens are here to punch up your next meal.

Hands holding a bunch of micro greens

Microgreens have been all the culinary rage over the last few years in fine dining. Low impact and largely inexpensive to source and grow, it’s no wonder why chefs all over the world are adding sunflower sprouts, broccoli microgreens, and their counterpart radish microgreens to their favorite plates.

three plates with micro greens

Don’t let the pros fool you though. Anyone can wield these mighty morsels! Here are a few of my favorite tendril-incorporating dishes.

The real key to using microgreens at home is to use a light touch. Make them the focus of your meal and you’ll soon find yourself avoiding these nutrient-packed pals as microgreens have such a distinct flavor to be compared to other spiced vegetables. Actually, that gives me an idea.

How about a sandwich of arugula, microgreens, provolone, balsamic vinaigrette and roast beef on toasted French bread?

But did you know that microgreens don’t have to be served cold? Creamy farro risotto and microgreens will wow at your next dinner party.

bits of farro on a tea towel with micro greens in a small bowl on top of a wooden kitchen counter

Use your favorite creamy risotto recipe (I prefer one featuring farro), incorporating seasonal mushrooms, sunflower seeds, and radish microgreens. The result will be a creamy dish that bites back in texture and tang. A new classic is born.

Microgreens get their name for their size. And while every green thing starts somewhere, it’s important to harvest microgreens at peak freshness. Afraid you’re missing that perfect window of freshness? Mix the remaining sprouts into a simple snack fit for party guests or a night in together.

hands harvesting fresh micro greens from Modern Sprout's Microgreen pop-up kit

Cubed pears, sliced white cheddar, broccoli microgreens on top of whole grain crackers with a drizzle of sweet dressing makes for a refreshing snack. Not quite salad and not quite crudité, this grab and gab treat looks high effort for low prep.

We’re huge fans of the “take it all and use it all approach” in the Modern Sprout growing community. Microgreens fully embody this ethos. Pulling sprouts out from the root or grabbing them from the base of their stalk to snip and harvest makes for the most nutrients-per sprout. There’s more to microgreens than just their cheerful, palm-splaying heads. They’re quick and easy growers and more than set dressing. Feel free to garnish, top, sprinkle, mix in, and add on microgreens whenever meals need a little pop.

Happy Cultivating,

The Modern Sprout Team

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