Your Guide to becoming a Wilderness Warrior

Your Guide to becoming a Wilderness Warrior

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Your Mission:

  1. Combat Habitat Fragmentation: Help stitch together critters’ homes back together. Use the Slingshot to launch Eco Ammo Seed Balls into areas void of plants. Ready, aim, plant!
  2. Spread the Word & More Seed Balls: Use our recipe below to create more Ammo and share with friends!
  3. Mission Complete: Congrats!


Our Seed Ball Recipe:

What You’ll Need
1 tbsp native wildflower seeds
1 cup dry, finely crumbled potting soil (can be from your backyard!).
1 cup dry clay, such as powdered red clay
Mixing bowl
Cookie Sheet

Line the cookie sheet with newspaper
Mix the clay and potting soil together in bowl.
Add 4 tbsp of water and blend. If mixture is dry, add 2 more tbsp.
Roll into ~1” balls and set aside. Balls should easily hold together, but if crumbly, add more water.
Sprinkle seeds onto newspaper and roll balls on top of seed mixture, gently pressing seeds into balls. Try not to overcrowd balls with seeds.
Place balls on cookie sheet and dry for 24-48 hrs.
Store in a cardboard box.
Makes 8-10 balls.

What Seeds are in our Eco Ammo Seed Balls?

Virginia Wildrye
Crimson Clover
Purple Coneflower
Sheep Fescue
Lacy Phacelia
Clasping Coneflower
Mexican Hat
Black-Eyed Susan
Plains Coreopsis
Evening Primrose

Last thing on the to-do list: take a pic of you making your own Eco Ammo. Tag us on Instagram so we can cheer you on and answer any questions that come up—we’re @modsprout. Mission complete!

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