The Art of Houseplants: Part 5

The Art of Houseplants: Part 5

Would you even be a plant parent if you didn’t have all the tools? Definitely not. Here’s the gear you need to make pruning, watering, fertilizing, and more a total breeze.


Pruning shears: Nope, your kitchen scissors won’t cut it here. Pruning shears are lightweight and durable with a needle-nose tip for easy pruning and harvesting.

Nutrients: Think of these as vitamins for your plant babies—easy-to-use supplements to help your plants grow big and strong. Our all-natural nutrients are optimally blended to support healthy plant growth. “Grow” supports greens and houseplants, and “Bloom” supports fruiting and flowering botanicals.

Watering Can: Our watering cans are anything but basic—you’ll be dying to feature them front and center of all your future #shelfies. They feature a slender base that fits perfectly on a windowsill, shelf or among your plants. The long spout with controlled flow makes it easy to water both drought-tolerant and water-loving plants.

Misters: Misters are a must if you’ve got a humidity-loving plant, like your tropicals, or a water-sensitive plant, like your succulents. These misters are perfectly calibrated to provide the ideal amount of moisture needed for seed starting and sprout growth. And did we mention how adorable they are?

Last thing on the to-do list: take a pic anytime you water one of your new plants, and use it to track your progress over time. Tag us on Instagram so we can cheer you on and answer any questions that come up—we’re @modsprout. Happy Growing!