Essential Tools for any Plant Parent

Essential Tools for any Plant Parent

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As a newbie gardener, my knowledge of the best way to care for my plants can be swayed by one great article. Or worse, a few well-placed ads. One strong infographic can have me rearranging my plant space out of the fear I’m not doing enough to support them. For me, and so many green Green-Thumbs, gardening is an incredibly personal hobby. I spend a fair amount of time with plants on the brain just wondering if I’m doing what’s best for my little garden and changing my space to be happy with what I’ve grown.

So, I get tempted by pretty tools—don’t we all? You can find me at your local hardware store’s gardening section “just looking.” By the end of most trips, I’ll come home with some sparkly gadget that’s not suitable for my space or my needs (glamorous rose-pruning shears, I’m talking to you)! Until I was exposed to Modern Sprout, I didn’t think anyone really made tools for me and my small apartment space.

With Modern Sprout’s line of tools, I don’t feel like I have to sacrifice my style or desired quality for a guarantee. The warranty on items and ease of returns only make me love my Plant Parent Box Set more since I joined the team. In fact, Modern Sprout is proud to create products that feature a compact design and the exact kind of stylish utility I want in my gardening . Let’s take a closer look at my new favorites!

Soil Scoop: Not only does this matte black stainless steel scoop make a great storage cup for our array of Plant Parent tools found here, but our soil ­scoop is the perfect size to maneuver around the base of even the widest Aloe leaves as you repot your plant. Our ergonomic scoop comes equipped with a cotton hang cord to help you fill in your pots as you plant with tidiness and ease and hang it up after a job well done, keeping your workspace clutter-free. Pro tip: this scoop can also act as a watering cup given its wide mouth (perfect for gardeners in a pinch)!

Plant Brush: Made of Beech Wood, our brush makes a great tool to keep your plants dust-free while prepping your humidity-loving varietals for a light misting. Especially after replanting, I like to give my plants a little dusting to remove any excess soil that might’ve collected on the leaves along the way. The bristles are a perfect blend between a stiff texture to apply pressure, and a high bristle count to catch errant pieces of soil. This little guy comes with a drilled base and hang cord for easy storage in your workspace.

Tweezers: I, for one, loathe wearing gardening gloves unless I’m handling soil directly. When it comes to pruning, I’m a huge fan of Modern Sprout’s matte black stainless-steel tweezers. Textured tips make for easy adjustments to my more delicate plants, as there’s no need to add extra pressure only to crush the stems. These extra-long tweezers are all set to negotiate odd angles and all thorns, gloveless.

Shears: Speaking of points, Modern Sprout’s shears are my unbiased favorite. The gloriously simple spring keeps dirt and debris away from the tension mechanism and is easy to clean when the situation calls for it. At the base of our shears, you can find a clip that holds firm and makes for safer storage in comparison to other leading gardening shears. For your gardening needs, you can do no wrong with these needle nose tips and gorgeous mint finished grip.

Plant Nutrients: Until more recently, I had no real knowledge of plant nutrients. Sure, there were different mineral content levels and special blends for specific plants, but I was overwhelmed with the sheer number of options.

Now, I’ve gotten a more hands-on experience and I’m a fan of Modern Sprout’s all-natural and organic-based blends. For all your edible varieties, there’s one blanket option called “Grow.” One dropper worth of food in my Watering Can and I’m all set to feed my plants. The “Bloom” plant nutrient is formulated for all of your flowering types and my windowsill lavender has never been happier.

These days I feel a lot better about making gardening decisions. While I can’t say if that’s because I knocked off some plants, or if I’m getting more secure as an owner of mostly green ones, I’m doing okay. I know I can trust Modern Sprout’s line of tools to get me where I want to be and finally become the crazy plant lady of my dreams.

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