Tips For Growing Your Own Coffee

Tips For Growing Your Own Coffee

Grab a cup and have a seat. With the launch of our Coffee Grow Kit exclusively at select Starbucks locations, we wanted to share a bit about coffee plants and some tips on successful growing. 

Coffee plants are known for the delicious beans – and life-bringing brew – they give to the world. 

For anyone who’s grown the plants themselves, coffee plants are an exercise in patience and a chance to enjoy the nurturing process. So pour a second cup and read on.

Cup of espresso next to a plant

Coffee is a perennial flowering plant with striking green, glossy leaves from the Ruiaceae family. It's native to both tropical and Southern Africa and tropical Asia.

The flowers are small, white blossoms with a fragrance similar to jasmine. Delightful, right? 

After flowers grow and are pollinated, coffee cherries will develop. These cherries are the plant’s fruit – which starts off green and then ripens to a red, orange, pink or yellow depending on the varietal. When ripe, the cherries will taste sweet and floral. 

Removing the skin and pulp of the cherry reveals two seeds – which, when roasted, become the beans we know and love (and depend on for functional mornings).

close up picture of coffee beansGROWING YOUR COFFEE PLANT
While the roasted and ground beans power your mornings, thanks to our new Coffee Grow Kits, a coffee plant can power a greener corner of your home! Once you get a coffee plant established, it can be easy to grow and is known for its hardiness – making it an excellent house plant.

Coffee grows best when conditions mimic a tropical mid-elevation mountainside – think mild temps, high humidity, good drainage. Don’t panic! You don’t have to live somewhere tropical to enjoy growing a coffee plant. Here are a few tips.

Our Grow Kit includes a self-watering planter that provides the moisture needed for germination and takes care of any daily watering needs. Just follow the directions on the kit for tips on when to change out the water, especially once your plant has sprouted.

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Early on, your coffee seeds will need at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight to germinate, like from an unobstructed window. 

Once they’ve sprouted, coffee plants like bright, indirect light. Placing your Planter near a window should suffice.

If your space doesn’t get the right kind of natural light, a Grow Light can help.

For germination, coffee seeds need temps to remain between 60°F-70°F. If outdoor temps are expected to dip below 55°F, be sure to move your Planter away from any windows.

Your coffee plant won’t thrive if it’s consistently below 65°F or exposed to drafts. Find a warm spot for your planter for the best experience!

The hydroponic system in our Grow Kit supports growth without soil, but plants require added nutrients to do their best. The included plant food in a Grow Kit will get you started. Then, the included continuous dosing schedule helps encourage recurring growth. 

This is the big one! Above all else, coffee plants take time.

Seeds can take 60-90 days to germinate. Don’t give up!

Once your seeds sprout, you can expect vigorous growth if conditions are met. Enjoy that growth; it will take a few years before your plant produces flowers and fruit. Somewhere in the range of 3-5 years can be expected. 

Coffee plants can grow more than 20 feet tall in nature and yield 4,000 coffee beans from its 2,000 cherries. Don’t expect quite so much from your house plant! It may grow up to 15 feet indoors under ideal conditions, but closer to 3-6 feet maximum is much more likely. You can hand-pollinate your flowers to get the berries. A few are all you need to give roasting a try! And tag us at #ModSprout when you do :)

Remember, if you run into any issues, our plant specialists are happy to help. If your seeds fail to sprout, let us know, and we’ll send you replacement seeds. That’s the Thrive Promise in action.

Happy Cultivating,
The Modern Sprout Team

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