Biophilic Design for Beginners

Biophilic Design for Beginners

So much of our built world is all about keeping nature out. While heat on cold winter days and AC on a summer scorcher is much appreciated, there is something to be said for making sure some nature makes its way back in.

Enter biophilic design, which connects people to the natural world through architecture and interior design. The philosophy behind biophilic design is that by infusing the built environment with natural elements and patterns, we can enhance its beauty while also increasing well-being, harmony, and productivity. These principles are at work in the places we work and at play in the places we play.

Modern Sprout Smart Landscape Growframe hung on a wall above a console table with plants and vases

Here are five ways our lives can be enhanced by bringing the holistic approach of biophilic design into everyday surroundings.

Mental Health
Plants, natural light, and water features are mega mood boosters – helping reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Want a more positive and balanced sense of well-being and balance? Deepen your connection to nature! Biophilic design can promote calm and relaxation, which we can all use more of.

Woman sitting on chair with smartphone next to large window and indoor plants

Cognitive Function
Work and learning environments – from offices to home offices – that include natural light, outdoor views, and indoor plants can be spaces for improved cognitive function, problem-solving, and creativity. Studies say it’s time to incorporate more natural elements if you want to improve your overall cognition. 

Two Modern Sprout garden jars hanging in window next to an end table with a book and plant

Productivity and Focus
The mental load is real. Reduce mental fatigue and boost your efficiency, productivity, and focus by ensuring your space has indoor plants, patterns featuring nods to nature, and access to natural light and outdoor views.  

Modern Sprout Merigold Standard Smart Gold Frame hung on a wall next to large window in dining room

Physical Health
Encouraging movement from regular stretch breaks to strolls along a walking path at work, a well-designed standing desk at home or a bench in a shady spot can be small steps that add up to a healthier life. Time in nature and physical activity are so good for us, so get inspired by the biophilic design around you! Plants improve indoor air quality, acting as natural filters. 

two hands arranging a Modern Sprout Botanical keeper and a vase of flowers and greenery

Biophilic design is, by design, organized around sustainable principles and being environmentally friendly. Beyond using natural materials and nature-inspired elements, biophilic design looks to energy-efficient systems whenever possible. Spaces created are as resource-efficient as possible. Natural ventilation and lighting are prioritized, too.

Mom and son watering an indoor plant in the Modern Sprout Uplift Planter in white

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