Gift Guide for Indoor Plant Parents

Gift Guide for Indoor Plant Parents

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Not every gardener loves to toil under a hot sun – or has the yard to do it. Some are the indoor cats of growing – and they deserve great tools and accessories, too! At Modern Sprout, we believe in gardening anytime and anywhere that works. Support year-round houseplant success with a holiday gift indoor plant parents will love.

Not every home has a ton of natural light, but every space can have a growbar! Gift a growbar that easily mounts under a shelf or cabinet. The smart app means vegetables, fruits or flowers get the light they need to thrive.

Modern Sprout Smart Growbar mounted below a kitchen cabinet shining over a box of herbs

Good habits are easier to form with good tools. Our misters provide ideal moisture to start seeds and sprout growth, especially for humidity-loving plants. Choose from a series of colorways that match your lucky recipient’s interior.

Modern Sprout black and brass plant mister sitting on a shelf next to a white bowl

Trimming, cutting, pruning, and harvesting. These chores can become joys with the right tools. Gift our durable, lightweight shear and pruner set and be a plant hero. Plants stay happier, plant parents stay happier, and you’re a hero.

Modern Sprout gardening shears & pruners with a tangerine background

Want to gift a thoughtfully curated collection of plant parent essentials? Our Plant Parent Kit is it. Indoor enthusiasts and newbies alike will appreciate this care kit chock full of well-designed accessories and houseplant must-haves.

Modern Sprout Plant Parent Box Set product shot with white background

A lovely handcrafted watering can elevates your favorite indoor plant parent’s caregiving game. Choose from matte black or brass to best match their interior style – there’s a decent chance this beauty will be out on display!
 Two Modern Sprout Brass Watering Cans in matte black and gold brass with a light green backgroundAny or all of these items would make any indoor plant parent giddy this holiday season. And, if you wind up picking up something to treat yourself, we get it! Curious about other green gift options, all backed by our Thrive Promise? Explore our gift guides for Outdoor Gardeners, Budding Gardeners, Culinary Enthusiasts, Mixologists, or Interior Design Lovers.

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