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Winter Wonderland Microgreens

A seasonal take on a fan-fave! This fool-proof, festive kit grows nutrient-dense microgreens that fill in the holiday tree scene in just 7-10 days. It's a simple and celebratory way to grow your own food during the winter months. Includes harvesting instructions and a recipe.

Harvest-ready in 7-10 days.

step 1: soak seeds 4 hours

step 2: strain seeds & set aside

step 3: arrange seeds in box

step 4: slide back into box to germinate, wait 2 days

step 5: remove from outside packaging & place in sunny spot

step 6: harvest your greens & enjoy!

Family Friendly STEM Activity

A unique stocking stuffer.

Zesty Organic Radish Microgreens

Compact, full of flavor and packed with nutrients (up to 40x the nutrients of their mature plants!), microgreens will elevate your next meal. Perfectly pairs with salads, as a sandwich enhancement and adds a touch of festive green to appetizers this holiday season.

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