Wild Habitat Garden Kit

Why a Seed Ball?

There are many reasons why Seed Balls are a great option for planting. One being the dried clay acts as barrier against predators and prevents seeds from washing away. Also, incorporating soil within the clay formula provides essential nutrients for seedlings as they sprout — giving them a higher success rate than simply scattering handfuls of seeds over dirt. Another bonus to Seed Balls is the fact that companion seed blends compliment each other's needs like pollination and pest deterrence!

Beautiful & Beneficial Seed Blend

easy to grow

Seeds will adapt to a variety of soil types, climates and temps. Seeds do not require intensive watering if planted in the Fall, resulting in bloomsthe following spring.

Annual & Perrenial

Mixing annual and perennial wildflowers guarantees the benefits of both. Annuals flower fast with longer lasting blooms. Perennials self-seed and grow back stronger year after year.

Protect & Pollinate

Wildflowers provide safe spaces for butterflies to lay eggs. Their nectar and pollen attract essential birds, bees and butterflies for pollination cycles.

Non Invasive

This blend does not contain any invasive seed species. After seeds are planted, they will not dominate or degrade native vegetation in your region.

Prevent Erosion

Bunching grass and wildflowers with dense root systems stabilize soil and prevent nutrients from washing away. Beautiful and beneficial to nature.

Food for Critters

Wildflower seeds can be an important food source during winter. Leave your spent blooms outside to replenish birds and small mammals.

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