Seed Pops Make Seed Starting a Snap

Seed Pops Make Seed Starting a Snap

We love starting from seed here at Modern Sprout – we’ve even got a post on five great reasons to give it a try! If you’ve been considering it, consider trying it with our Seed Pops. These playful planting options are designed to be planted indoors or outdoors – or start inside and go outside!

To make the process as easy as possible, here are our top tips for seed starting with Seed Pops.

Pick Your Pops
Choose from an assortment of varieties – cherry tomatoes, watermelon, sweet yellow pepper – from our new Seed Pop collection. Sprinkle in some of our classic Seed Pop favorites which include strawberry, carrot, sweet basil, and a fun mix of seeds you need for homemade (and homegrown) pizza, super greens, and stir fry. 

Six Modern Sprout Seed Pops packaged with a light blue background

Maybe instead of feeding yourself you want to create a flower feast for your eyes and feed some pollinators along the way. Your spring garden can feature vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers, so pick the Seed Pops that inspire you!

Start Inside
Seed starting takes patience and timing, so get things going about 4-8 weeks before the anticipated last frost in your area. Our Seed Pops are embedded in a nutrient-rich clay mixture so just unwrap and plant in one of our 5” plantable Cow Pots to get started. Bury the Seed Pop about ⅔ under a mix of traditional planting soil. 

a woman's hand holding two Modern Sprout Seed Pops unwrapped over soil

The wooden stick is a handy garden marker so you can keep your planting straight as you start from seeds indoors and then once you’ve transplanted them outside.

A wooden stick garden marker sticking out of the soil

Give Them Light
Seeds like it warm and prefer full sun – think 6-8 hours of bright light a day! We get it, 72 degrees and sunny can be hard to come by on the daily in the winter months.

If you don’t have a s window that can keep temperatures consistent and provide that much sun, consider a Growlight. A Growlight can turn any counter or shelf into an ideal growing spot so your Seed Pods get plenty of light to start germination and sprouting. 

Modern Sprout white Upligt Planter

Water When Needed
Seeds need plenty of water to grow, so you don’t want the clay to dry out. Water your Seed Pops daily until sprouts appear and until about 3 inches tall. That’s when you’ll know they’re established. 

Once established, continue to water them every 2-3 days. You’ll want to be mindful to protect the sprouts so water around them gently.

Modern Sprout Black Brass Watering Can

Take It Outside
You’ve been patient nurturing your Seed Pops, and you’ve got some seedlings! Hooray! Your seedlings are ready to transplant outdoors after the last frost.

Outdoor garden box with wooden markers

To prepare for transplant, you need to harden off seeds that acclimates them to being outside. For about 7-10 days before the transplant, leave them outside in a shaded/dappled spot for an hour or two on the first day. Increase that time by an hour or two each day. By day 3 or 4, you can move them into more direct sunlight. Skip windy, chilly, or rainy days!

Happy Cultivating!
The Modern Sprout Team

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