Meet Our Confetti Popper Partners

Meet Our Confetti Popper Partners

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Our new confetti poppers are a fun, festive, and earth-friendly way to celebrate just about everything. When we first had the idea for them, we began to look for a partner to create the seed paper confetti. We are so excited to introduce you to Green Field Paper Company.

Two Modern Sprout confetti poppers set on a sage green background

For over 30 years (they started production on Earth Day in 1992, how fitting!) Green Field Paper Company has been pioneering tree-free paper. Tree free? Yes! All their fine-quality paper is made using non-wood fibers and alternative materials.

Here are a few reasons we are happy they’re our Confetti Popper seed paper suppliers.

Aligned Values
Green Field Paper Company has values that feel familiar to all of us at Modern Sprout. They’re known for being innovative and eco-friendly. They create thoughtfully and beautifully designed products made in the USA and work to implement environmentally friendly manufacturing practices made in the USA.

eco-friendly plant wall at Green Field Paper Company

Non-invasive, Non-GMO Wildflower Seeds
Invasive plants are a problem – they can dominate and degrade native vegetation. Non-invasive plants grow beautifully but don’t spread from their planting area. We worked with Green Field Paper Company to select catchfly and clarkia in our red and pink Yippee poppers, alyssum and black-eyed Susans in our yellow and white Cheers poppers, and baby blue eyes and blue flax in our blue Bravo poppers.

Close up photo of two wildflower daisies

Colored with Natural Dyes
We wanted to bring fun color to the popper launch experience – but we wanted to do it responsibly. Green Field Paper Company uses earth pigments, not dyes or bleaches, in their papers to achieve the pretty pink, yellow, and blue confetti paper.

Rainbow swatch of naturally dyed, tree-free paper from Green Field Paper Company

Handmade from Recycled Ingredients
Skilled artisans hand make all the seed paper from 100% recycled paper – FSC-certified p pulp. When the paper, infused with wildflower seeds, is planted it naturally recycles into the soil.

two hands of a skilled artist creating tree-free paper

Thoughtful Production Methods
We love that they operate a zero-waste facility and offset 100% of company-wide electricity use through the purchase of  wind energy credits and reclaim and recycle water used in production into the next batch. And so much more. No wonder they're award-winning for their eco-efforts :). 

one hand holding a Modern Sprout Confetti Popper in the air with seed packets falling

When it comes to rewilding the planet, it’s a team effort. We’re so glad to have Green Field Paper Company as our partners in creating our super fun Confetti Poppers. It’s a partnership – and a product – worth celebrating!

Happy Popping,

The Modern Sprout Team

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