Seasonal Stunners: Winter Bulb Kits

Seasonal Stunners: Winter Bulb Kits

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These voluminous growers were the first thing I grew when I started at Modern Sprout. When I was hired, I had my pick of anything and everything to play with and I could barely believe that meant truly everything. I naturally reached for an amaryllis kit.

One look and I knew this was going to be a stunning grower. Well, maybe I didn’t know, but I had faith in this simple, modern vase and the humongous bulb inside. In truth, I knew it had to be special given that these kits sell out every year. They’re also a super rare seasonal treat at Modern Sprout. Only available starting in the late weeks of October, you never know when we may sell our last kit.

Paperwhite winter bulb in full bloom on coffee tableTo be perfectly honest, prior to these bulbs, I had limited growing experience. I tapped out at tulips and turnips as far as my bulb knowledge goes. The minimalistic rock and water combo was the real mystery though.

winter bulb growing mediumI wanted to know how this bulb would grow if it was supposed to be kept cold and in the dark for the start of its life. And with only ¼ cup of water? You had to be kidding me. This went against everything I THOUGHT I knew about plants. 

But it bloomed. And it bloomed again 3 months later. THEN it sprouted 3-foot leaves that forked into my mother’s living room like it was trying to grow its own legs and step out on the town.

Paperwhite bulb in full bloom in a glass vase sitting on a coffee tableI can’t promise you’ll have an encore-style grower the way I did. Though I wish I could. I can, however, guarantee a sense of delight will wash over you when you spy the first sprigs of green coming from an otherwise dormant bulb.

winter bulb kits in mid growIf you find yourself waiting more than 12 days for that precious feeling, place the vase in your fridge until you see green poking out from the top of the bulb. This may take up to 5 days. My best tip on bulb kits is to keep an eye on the water level. Too much, and the bulb will rot from contact with the water. Too little, and your stalks will wilt away. 

I prefer to keep these bulb kits on hand during the holiday party/engagement shindig/ end of year festivities en masse because they are just so easy to grow. And the packaging? Come on, I don’t even have to wrap them. They’re gorgeous.

Winter bulb kit in packaging with components spread outHappy Cultivating,

Sydney Gutierrez

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