Everyone Could Do With More Green

Everyone Could Do With More Green

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The benefits of growing at home are numerous. Plant care is a meditative practice and has been shown to quiet the mind and boost moods.

We here at Modern Sprout are committed to connecting people and plants. From our practices to our products, we’re all about reducing the friction between seed and harvest.

seeds sprouting from soil outside

Tactile from the start, growing from seed is a practice of fine motor control. Fantastic to plant with folks from ages 3 to 99, the focus applied in planting together provides an immense sense of accomplishment. And the thrill of the first signs of green? Forget it. They’re guaranteed to be excited about this low maintenance, high reward pastime for weeks to come.

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Speaking of, for those of us who have a hard time slowing down, the joy of hydroponic seed starting is a fantastic excuse to come home and check in. Urban living-life-on-the-go gardeners were “our people” for years. Since our founding, we’ve been grown by folks on the go from all over North America reaching far beyond our Chicago headquarters. Our highest praise from those pros? We’re wildly simplistic to start, and easy to love.

Garden jars with herbs sitting on a kitchen counter topIn addition to a straightforward care process, our designs are largely reusable. Replant Kits can keep you growing all year long using most of the same components over again. With no real limit on the number of growing options, it’s almost sacrilege to only grow basil on your counter for a few months when the experience can be had over and over again year-round.

Tapered Tumbler basil kit components

Planting is good for all of us. Who do you know that needs the gift of the grow?


Happy Cultivating,
Sydney Gutierrez

thrive promise

thrive promise

We love a growth mindset! All products are backed by our Thrive Promise; our commitment to supporting your success.