The Interiors Cultivator

The Interiors Cultivator

Hey! I’m a designer by cultivation. I take pleasure in creating a home that reflects my personal style and the way my family lives.

Because I’m a curator by nature, I make an effort to design with care and a style unique to my tastes. That includes the plants I display. I prioritize balance and simplicity in my space-styling staples, and leave room for found objects that mean something to me to bring out personality. I love low-maintenance, show-stopping houseplants to add texture, color and organic shapes to my home’s design.

Modern Sprout Smart Landscape Growframe hung above a dining room console table with more plants

Are you this grower? Do you know this grower?

A Biophillic Curator leans into luxury. This designer-turned-green-thumb believes in the mood-boosting benefits of living things in every space. They’re total pros who know how to best maximize greenery as purposeful room accents. 

Modern Sprout hanging plant jars in window next to a coffee table with a potted plan

They are discerning and have an understanding of precisely what kind of vibe they’re cultivating in every room. Their statement pieces rotate by season, and we feel warm and welcomed when we enter their homes.

Crossed somewhere between an influencer and an interior designer, these growers have a no-fuss-no-muss policy on plant care. Many of these folks keep a landscape growframe in their home overflowing with pothos trailing beyond reach. Short of a watering routine, these frames are incredible at sustaining plants uniquely suited to the lifestyle of the fashion-forward.

Modern Sprout Smart Landscape growframe hung on a brick wall above a mid-century modern dresserModern Sprout growing fixtures are quick to become forever-in-style features because of their clean, but bold design. Sleek materials are balanced by soft foliage fit for a magazine cover. Growhouses and growframes alike slide into a variety of interior design styles from midcentury modern to farmhouse chic and entirely attainable. Accommodating plants of all types, designers love the full-spectrum lights that don’t take away from the vibe of their space, but rather bring in a soft warm glow and make plant parenthood easier.

Modern Sprout growbar mounted below a kitchen shelf over a wooden planter with herbs

We’ve got style. You do too. So, what are we building together?

Happy Cultivating,
The Modern Sprout Team

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