Gifts For The Interior Design Lover

Gifts For The Interior Design Lover

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We love gardening. But we also love design. Each Modern Sprout product is created with an eye to design – so the tools used to grow are tools folks would love to show. Our Design Lover gift guide is full of counter-worthy, shelf-worthy, gift-worthy options.

Vintage-inspired but entirely modern, a Growframe is a showstopper of a gift that not only brings an inspired design piece into someone’s space, but also empowers them to grow something they’ll love – from herbs to succulents to flowering plants.

Modern Sprout Smart Landscape growframe hung on a brick wall above a mid century modern buffet

Vintage-inspired but entirely modern, our Flower Grow Kits evoke mason jar charm and feature hydroponic setups that make it easy to have zinnias, daisies, or morning glories blooming all year long.

Three modern sprout flower grow kits in mid bloom with a light blue background

Even the most functional things can be beautiful. Gifting a set of Botanical Keepers will help them arrange freshly cut flowers and greens or support their propagation projects... What’s more – they’re responsibly sourced and fit on any standard glass.

two hands arranging flowers ina clear vase with Modern Sprout's Botanical keeper

Our handcrafted watering cans come in a minimalist matte black or beautiful brass. Either one is a fantastic gift option. Besides being beautiful, the slender design fits anywhere and the long spout makes watering anywhere a breeze.

Modern Sprout Matte Black watering can set on a light wood shelf with green plants below

Many sprouts – and plants – prefer a little spritz over a good soil soak. Add a little elegance to their indoor watering routine by gifting one of our Misters. A range of colorways means you can personalize this gift even more.

Modern Sprout brass plant mister on a shelf next to framed art and a small plant

If you’ve got someone with a keen eye for design and a love of gardening on your shopping list this year, you can trust any of these items will be a hit. Explore our gift guides for Indoor Gardeners, Outdoor Gardeners, Budding Gardeners, Culinary Enthusiasts, or Mixologists.

Happy Gifting,
The Modern Sprout Team

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