2022 Gift Guide

2022 Gift Guide

Shopping for that unique character on your list is the challenge of the season. Clothes are fraught with subtext, foodie treats are rich with dietary risks, and while everybody loves a new pair of socks, a true “Wow!” out of a rainbow ankle cut is hard-earned.

Plants are the perfect experience to gift on. Modern Sprout Grow Kits are glorious enough to give without wrapping, but we’re never going to be against a pretty bow. Read on for our advice for the tricky gift in your life.

Holiday Tiny Terracotta Kits


Maybe they’re the whimsical type, maybe they pickle their own beets, more likely than not your rustic crew appreciates greener living. For the sustainable aficionados of today we offer you this: A chance to grow your favorite ingredients through reusable means. You bring the water; we’ve got the rest.

Living the camper life? Size up your cupholders and keep our 24oz Jars up front and center on the dash.

Garden Jars on a plant stand by a window

At the end of the growing cycle, rinse the contents and just add in new seeds. Or give a replant kit a try for a full refresh.


They’re joyful. They rock loud prints and have more than one cabinet of curiosities at home. Let’s add to it.

Our Microgreens encourage the spirit of discovery. Shrink down to the size of our favorite pollinators or go on a space voyage exploring the unknown—though always delicious-- possibilities.



Sharp dressed and napkins pressed, you know one of them.

Their table is set and maybe you’re a little embarrassed. What are you dropping on this table to compete with a 45-day dry aged steak dinner? We all get a little anxious about bringing a gift to the host who does it all and dresses to the nines. We’ve got you covered: a hosting treat set to wow and delight. Give a gift so gorgeous it needs no packaging.

Watering Can

Tapered Tumbler


Living life on the go has its joys. Owning plants typically isn’t on the list. For whatever reason, “set and forget” only seems to work with our faux planted counterparts. With Hydroponic Grow Kits, you can get pretty close to such a marvel.

Water in those brief moments of transition in your busy lifestyle and look in on your kit weekly. Less fussy than your average houseplant, these beauties can survive your hectic schedule and benefit from minimal growing interventions. Perfect for college students and working professionals with windows.

Garden Jars in window sill


Most gaming setups hardly have enough light to sustain your screen lover, let alone that for a few wellbeing boosting plants. Worry no more, as plant technology has come a long way in the name of style and convenience.

Purify the air with an assortment of houseplants planted right into our sleek, water tight landscape growframe. Sliding right into even the most cramped of spaces to add a natural element to an otherwise lightless space, these frames work on a smart timer and are app controlled over 2.4 GHz wifi, keeping your fastest home channels free for high resolution streaming and online gaming.

Smart Landscape Growframe on wall in living room


Self-care as a concept: brilliant. In practice: so simple. Give the overwhelming urge to light a candle and unplug to your loved one. Fresh herbs abound, encourage your honey to take a bath with a rooted candle nearby, anticipating the day to plant.

You read that right. It’s a candle that becomes a planter, that will grow into an aromatic of your choice. It’s a delight from flame to sprout.

rooted candle

There’s something for everyone on your list at modernsprout.com, and shopping small this season ensures you’re supporting the little guy. Businesses just like ours have weathered the last few years and still need your support. The ultimate gift to give to us? Keep growing.


Happy Cultivating,
The Modern Sprout Team


Words by Sydney Gutierrez

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