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Pets Love Plants, Too

We asked our favorite four legged friends and resident experts to try out our new Tiny Terras. These cuties grow Curious Catnip and Good Dog Greens — both are all-natural snacks that can support the health and wellbeing of your pet.

Learn more about the animals of Modern Sprout below — because the more pet content the better, right?

Bob & Tater

Name: Tater
Age: 3 years
Favorite Things/Hobbies: Wrestling with his brother, walks and pets from everyone.
Danielle, eComm Director

Thoughts on Good Dog Greens: Couldn't believe he was allowed to eat one of Mom's plants. But as soon as he got permission, he dove right in.

Skittles & Scully

Name: Scully
Age: 7 years
Favorite Things/Hobbies: Dry food, butter & cheese, screaming incessantly for snacks and attention, fighting with her sister, wintertime naps and cuddle time with dad at the end of the night.
Becca, Multimedia Designer

Thoughts on Curious Catnip: Tried to act disinterested at first, since she's very aloof and cool, but kept coming back for smells.


Name: Carl ︱ Age: 14 years
Favorite Things/Hobbies: Snacks, belly rubs, smooth jazz, attention, sitting in flower pots and of course more snacks!
Owner: Anna, Sales & Operations Manager

Thoughts on Good Dog Greens: Went in for a belly rub and posed for pictures, but stuck his nose right in afterwards to sniff, then brought some grass to his bed like a treat!


Name: Butterfinger ︱ Age: Unknown
Favorite Things/Hobbies: Former feral turned pampered house kitty. Loves schmoozing studio guests and sleeping on the couch.
Owner: Jen, Photographer

Thoughts on Curious Catnip: A good boy isn't picky, he went right in to munch on both Curious Catnip AND Good Dog Greens during our spring shoot to test them out!

Shilah bear

Name: Shilah Bear, Shy Shy ︱ Age: 3 years
Favorite Things/Hobbies: Looking good in fashionable scarves (typical Scorpio), and whatever sock you are holding in your hand.
Owner: Ashley, Accounting Associate

Thoughts on Good Dog Greens: Shy Shy has good taste — she went straight in to lick and munch the grass without hesitating and posed professionally for the photoshoot after.

Beverly & Wendell

Name: Beverly, Bev
Age: 7 years
Favorite Things/Hobbies: Being a silent tripping hazard in the kitchen, being a dedicated intern for her mom's work and being a beautiful greybie.
Anna, Sales Operations Admin

Thoughts on Curious Catnip: Sniff tests were made, mild interest, prefers dried catnip at the end of the day. Further tests will be conducted with bigger plants!

Casper & Panther

Name: Panther 🖤
Age: 3 months
Favorite Things/Hobbies: Loves to run (classic zoomies), climb on anything and everything, use the scratching post and cuddle.
Monse, Receiving Clerk

Thoughts on Curious Catnip: Being a young baby, he was just happy to be included in such an important test. Lots of sniffing and continued interest.

Pet Tiny Terracotta Grow Kits
Pet Tiny Terracotta Grow Kits
Sale price$12.99
Pet Tiny Terracotta Grow Kits
Pet Tiny Terracotta Grow Kits
Sale price$12.99
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