Seed Confetti Poppers

Pop, plant & party!

Seed Confetti Poppers are a reusable twist on traditional party poppers. Skip the plastic (& the clean up) and keep the party growing as each piece of confetti contains a curated blend of flower seeds. Pop and grow red and pink for love; yellow and white to spread cheer; or blue blooms to applaud big accomplishments. Simply peel off the cap and pull back the rubber band to propel the seed confetti.

Grow your favorite color.

Cheers: Yellow Flower Seed Blend

A sustainable and beautiful mix of faves — Alyssum (a basket of gold clusters) and Black-Eyed Susans (wide, daisy-like flowers with dark centers). Both of these perennials will bring bright, sunny joy to any garden.

Bravo: Blue Flower Seed Blend

Every yard needs a pop of blue, and this mix of Baby Blue Eyes (delicate, cup-shaped flowers) and Blue Flax (satiny sky-colored flowers) are perfect for just that. Once one reaches the end, the other takes over into the summer.

Yippee: Red & Pink Flower Seed Blend

Wildflower superstars Clarkia (delicate blooms that explode with lovely shades of red and pink) and Catchfly (rounded clusters of bright pink flowers), make up this non-GMO summer seed mix. Add a little romance to your garden.

How it's made

Seed Confetti Paper

Each of our Confetti Poppers are filled with seed paper confetti embedded with wildflower seeds made by sustainable business, Green Field Paper Company! All of their eco-friendly paper is handmade by skilled artisans in their facility in San Diego, CA. Each colorful and unique paper is infused with beauty and sustainability, and in this case for our poppers — a non-invasive and non-GMO mixture of flowers.

Each sheet is created by combining 100% recycled paper pulp (cellulose), cotton linter pulp and water with non-invasive, non GMO seeds added to the mixture. Then, the paper is colored using natural earth pigments (no dyes or bleaches are used). From there, the paper in their party-favor form will be transformed into a flourishing plant once the confetti lands!

thrive promise

thrive promise

We love a growth mindset! All products are backed by our Thrive Promise; our commitment to supporting your success.