New Garden Jars!

A fresh take on our best-selling collection, meet the evolution of the Garden Jar. Featuring a new biophilic-inspired design and enhanced immersion hydroponic setup that delivers water and nutrients directly to the plant's roots. This kit is guaranteed to grow! No more over-watering, under-watering, soil or pests to worry about. Just nutritious herbs grown at home all year round.

New & Improved

Simpler setup with enhanced instructions and support. Features immersion hydroponics for faster and more fruitful sprouting; tested and verified by users.

Beautiful, biophilic design that belongs in the home and brings a sense of calm, clarity and connection to the natural world.

Simple to replant, reduced components, more domestic sourcing and a better end-of-life plan.

Our Favorite Features


We’ve taken the guesswork out of watering with this new feature. Just be sure to keep water up  to the fill line, and our hydroponic system will do the rest. Easy peasy.


Our Garden Jars are designed to be reused again and again. Some herbs are seasonal with life cycles ranging from 4-6 months. All you need to add are new seeds or use one of our practical replant kits!


In an effort to reduce waste and improve usability, we’ve designed the topper to be a coaster! Set your Garden Jar on it while growing and use as coaster for your net pot while you're changing water to catch any drips.

More than just looks.

Our desire to encourage purposeful planting is as strong as our desire to be better; for people, plants and the planet. From our practices to our products, we find ways to tread lighter, even when the high road is the hard road. With reduced components, unpainted glass (making it 70% more recyclable), domestic sourcing, and a more sustainable end-of-life plan, our new Garden Jar has more than just a new look.



Redesigned for an even simpler setup with less components and an enhanced instruction manual. Also, an all new immersion hydroponic setup means faster and more fruitful sprouting with less maintenance and worry.

We collaborated with customers to beta test our new setup. Over 90% preferred the new Garden Jar to the previous. All testers reported that their kit successfully sprouted and that the new instruction manual provided clearer direction for continued growth.



At $20 and with multiple support resources to ensure success, the new Garden Jar outperforms the older design and provides more value overall.

Each jar yields up to six months of fresh herbs, which is the equivalent of $30+ of store-bought herbs, and greatly reduces waste. You can also reuse the jar with your own seeds or our replant kits to multiply the value so you can keep growing and growing.


Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

We replaced the 4 components in the old jars (stainless steel pot, wick, activated carbon and coco disk) with one part made in the USA, making these kits more sustainable overall.

The new Garden Jar net pots are made from 100% recycled and
domestically sourced HDPE (mainly from plastic bottle caps!). This means they can be fully recycled once the growing process is done. Or, you can rinse it out, put in the top rack of the dishwasher and reuse again and again!


Design-Forward art for the home.

Inspired by Komorebi, the Japanese term for the shadowing created by light passing through trees, the design features soft shadows of each herb type. Benefits of biophilic design have been proven to create a sense of calm, certainty and quietness that so many are seeking. Colorful, subtle, shadowed and elegant, the New Garden Jar Design is as beautiful as it is functional.


Considering every detail.

At Modern Sprout we strive to do more good than harm. Every component of our products is thoughtfully selected to minimize its negative impact on the planet. We are constantly striving to do better, and part of this work is to educate you on the items you bring into your home and how to responsibly dispose of them when they're no longer useful.

Quart Jar

MATERIAL Glass; contains recycled glass content

ORIGIN Imported


  • Designed to be reused again and again! Simply handwash & replant with new grow medium and seeds
  • Use as storage for craft supplies, hardware or other small necessities around the house
  • Remove label, sterilize and use for canning and food storage
  • Use as a vase for cut flowers or propagating house plants

Curbside recycling, just be sure to remove the label first

Watch our step-by-step setup guide

thrive promise

thrive promise

We love a growth mindset! All products are backed by our Thrive Promise; our commitment to supporting your success.