The essential bathroom sanctuary.

The essential bathroom sanctuary.

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Two years ago, Nick (husband/co-founder) and I brought home a newborn son to our small, one bedroom Chicago apartment. I tried desperately to take maternity leave, while hanging on to my sanity and working to be as “present” as possible. It certainly wasn’t easy and I soon felt like a caged animal between the lack of sleep, gloomy Windy City winters and separation from the hustle and bustle of my growing business. It was in our nook of a bathroom – and more specifically the floor of my shower – where I found my sanctuary, my refuge, my quiet space. Since becoming a Mom, the bathroom has become almost sacred. It’s my hideout. So I’ve outfitted it with humidity-loving plants in an effort to transform it into my private spa to retreat to each day. It has become a calming room to collect my swirling thoughts about work and child – and simply take a moment to breath. In that spirit, I’m thrilled to share with you my recommendations to create your very own essential bathroom sanctuary.

– Sarah, Co-owner, Modern Sprout

The bathroom is an ideal haven for a large variety of low-light and humidity-loving flora.

A quick word on lighting: Most plants will need some light, even if indirect or ambient. If your bathroom is lacking a light-filled window or skylight consider supplementing with a Modern Sprout Growframe. Our Growframe features a full-spectrum, 27W grow light that supports healthy growth for plants with low-to-bright light needs. It also includes a sleekly mounted, 3-setting timer with brightness controls that fades on and off everyday like dawn and dusk. A great bathroom nightlight!

Our grow lights pair beautifully with any of the plants listed below. We’d recommend the 8-hr on setting. The LEDs don’t emit a lot of heat, which is just want these plants prefer.

Orchids: Often considered temperamental and delicate, Orchids are actually just beautiful introverts who prefer to be left alone in an optimal growing environment. Outside, orchids grow in shady spots on rocks and trees. They love humidity but don’t want their roots to be wet. Steamy showers and indirect light will make them feel right at home in your bathroom.

Peperomia: While this compact and perky plant has tropical roots, it will thrive on a tiny bathroom windowsill or vanity. Peperomias come in many variegated forms. They require little light, like humidity and prefer dry soil conditions.

Golden Pothos: The ultimate pick for a canopy of green, this vining plant is low-maintenance, resilient and is especially pretty when hung.

Ferns: This prehistoric plant is exceptionally lush and will believe it’s living on a forest floor with your bathroom’s filtered light and humid conditions. If you’re on a hiatus from showering (it happens;), give it a quick daily mist with one of our misters!

Your Medicinal Plant Cabinet

Aloe Vera
This bright-light loving succulent is not only beautiful but also incredibly useful for immediate relief from sunburns, cuts or bug bites.

When there isn’t time to gurgle and brush (or right after lunch!), the strong herbaceous nature of parsley acts as a natural deodorizer to combat bad breath.

Lemon Balm
Put the lip balm aside, Lemon Balm is nature’s solution to cold sores, mouth ulcers and canker sores! Snip and gently rub its essential oils directly on your lips for a healthy and happy smile.

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