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The Basil Smash Mocktail

Inspired by Sunday mornings with my dad, running a farmstand, this mocktail is a delight all year round.

As a kid, it felt like my dad sold fresh fruit and vegetables to everyone in Chicago. Everywhere we went, he knew somebody. My dad was the mayor of Grapples—an apple that tastes like grapes, which I still highly recommend!

Before anyone was truly conscious on a Sunday mornings, he’d box up our inventory while I would supervised–humongous pink doughnut in hand– and we’d head out on our adventure of selling produce.

I remember people walking up and only picking pristine fruit, which I didn’t understand. “They taste just as good as the twisty version, why go for the straight grown cucumber when the curled one is so much cooler?” Their loss was my gain though, as anything they didn’t pick that morning, I got to take home. To this day, I’ll always opt for the most misshapen growable from these stands to take home with me.

To top the day off, my dad’s Chef Friend would come out to settle-up and bring me a fancy lemonade with cucumbers in it, along with a cookie. I loved those days. This mocktail harkens back to those fancy drinks we’d enjoy under the hot sun, complete with mishappen cucumbers as garnish!

The Basil SMASH (Makes TWO!)

What you’ll need:

  • Fresh Lime and Lemon
  • Lemon Seltzer Water
  • A splash of Lemonade
  • Fresh Basil
  • Cucumber for garnish (irregular shapes preferred!)
  • 3oz of Gin (optional)
  • Directions:

  • Slice lemon and lime into wedges
  • Add ice to each tall glass
  • Split the can of seltzer water
  • Using a lemon wedge, rim the glassware
  • Squeeze and add one slice of lemon and lime to each
  • Top with lemonade (or 50/50 with Gin)
  • Take two basil leaves in hand, and clap twice firmly to release aromatics
  • Split leaves between cocktails
  • Sip N See!
  • CLICK HERE for your printable recipe.

    Happy Cultivating!
    The Modern Sprout Team

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