The Art of Houseplants: Part 2

The Art of Houseplants: Part 2

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In a perfect world, you’d know what kind of lighting your house gets before you purchased any plants… but we know the feeling of seeing an absolutely adorable croton and *needing* to take it home with us. Curious about what kind of light your home gets? Follow along our quick guide on lighting to make sure you’re giving your plants enough light.

Light Guide

There are a lot of terms used in plant stores and nurseries to describe what kind of light different plant varieties need. Not sure what “Medium Light” or “Indirect Bright Light” means? Our helpful room map (above) shows you the different kinds of light you can get in a single room (and where to put your plant buddies)!

Succulents: Just like Sheryl Crow, these guys want to soak up the sun. Place succulents in a south- or west-facing window. If you’ve got a Modern Sprout Growlight, set your light for high light (8-12 hours on).

Tropicals: Tropicals are slightly more delicate than succulents, and they require partial shade or indirect lighting; a window that faces east or west is your best bet. Under a Modern Sprout Growlight, that translates to medium light (6-8 hours on).

Herbs: After the acclimation period, herbs want partial sun—an east- or west-facing window will help them thrive. Under a Modern Sprout Growlight, set your light for medium-high light (8-10 hours on).

If you’ve determined your home doesn’t receive sufficient natural light, consider supplementing with a Growlight to make your plant parent dreams come true! At Modern Sprout, our Growlights are the vital solution for creating a lush plantscape in sun-deprived spaces. Our lights are full spectrum, meaning they give off all color spectrums. In most commercial Growlights, only Blue or Red spectrums are given off. This gives the light a red or blue hue to the eye. Modern Sprout Growlights produce a natural white light that supports healthy growth for vegetative, fruiting and flowering plants. Check out our spec sheet below to get the full scoop!

Modern Sprout LED Specs

Take a pic anytime you water one of your new plants, and use it to track your progress over time. Tag us on Instagram so we can cheer you on and answer any questions that come up—we’re @modsprout. There you grow.

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