Seed Balls - How do they work?

Seed Balls - How do they work?

I see them EVERYWHERE. What’s a seed ball?
They’re adorably small, they’re stylish, and may just be intimidating!

The wrappings, the coloring, the use…? How do I use this thing?

You’ve just unboxed what is likely an all-new step in your growing journey: The clay-based seed ball. Gone are the days of plain, flat-packed seeds. This is the era of adorable packaging and moisture pulling clay encrusted with potential.

OUR GOAL: At least one healthy adult plant from each possibility-filled ball.

Seed balls are built to be sturdy vehicles for healthy plants and make the planting space easy to mark. Which is especially helpful for super small seed types.

To ensure your plants have the best chances, follow along with our master seed ball planting guide!

CARE: Though Seed Balls are packed with their own supply of nutrients derived from their clay base, that nutrient just can’t supply everything plants need through their entire lifecycle.

Grow in a temperature range of 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit to start. Supply Seed Balls with regular, direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is defined by 6-8 hours of strong sun exposure without shade. Seed Balls can be planted indoors or outdoors assuming they have access to this abundance of sun and a consistently warm environment (watch out for chilly windowsills and cold drafts!)

Beyond a warm, welcoming environment, Modern Sprout’s Seed Ball blends want to be watered at least once a day to moisten the seed ball and soften the seed shells. It’s time to water again if the balls appear to be dried out or are not tacky to the touch. Seed balls planted outdoors may want more water or more frequent waterings to keep up with the drying effects of the sun’s warm rays. Keep an eye on your new seed balls for their first signs of green!

Once plants reach a height of 1” to 1.5”, add nutrients to the watering routine, thereby jump starting their journey to adulthood. Check out our own plant nutrients here! We formulated BLOOM for your fruiting, flowering, harvesting types, and GROW is for your green and fluffy houseplants. Feed outdoor plants with the diluted nutrient solution every 3-5 days, and indoor sprouts every 5-7 days to start.

And that, my friends, is what seed balls are all about. There’s no need to hesitate on this experiment. Get your dirt, bring in the light, love on those seed balls. It’s truly that easy!

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