Moved to Infuse

Moved to Infuse

Infusion Glass.

Far more simple than you think, infusion glassware is an incredible addition to your culinary space. Glass is the perfect material to store your aromatic creations. Glass, unlike plastics, will not absorb odors or colors over its lifetime of use. Easier to clean and display, infusion glassware with a strong seal is the clear choice.

Our own favorite ways to use infusion glass are in handcrafted cocktails. (Do remember to drink responsibly.)

Hand crafted cocktail

When using infusion glass, it’s important to plan ahead. Some herbs and spices start to infuse around the 24-hour mark, and others may take closer to three days. As a good rule, the longer your additions sit in the glass with your alcohol of choice, the stronger the flavors will come through.

rosemary and liquor infusion

When selecting your base liquor, remember to budget for a middle of the road spirit. Too inexpensive, and the infusions will need to sit longer. Too pricy, you may not like your artisanal blend and put a bad taste in your mouth for the adventure of infusion.

Pro tip, be sure not to use all of your liquor of choice to cover your infusions. It’s a great idea to set aside some of the plain liquor for a taste test versus your infusion.  

Recommended blends:

Infuse mezcal tequila with pomegranate and basil. It creates a smokey base that’s delicious when topped with fizzy water.

Use orange, rosemary, and thyme for a fragrant vodka. Mix with your favorite sweet liquor.

Lemon and English lavender with gin to bring your cocktail closer to a spring brunch.

lemon and English lavender bunches on a cutting board

Infusion glass isn’t just for your cocktails. Consider infusing Extra Virgin Olive Oil with herbs of for an aromatic twist on a kitchen staple. Our favorite? Dry rosemary upside down in a sunny spot for one week. Add into your sealable infusion glass and use within three months.

olive oil with fresh sage and rosemary bunches

What are you waiting for? Shake up the basics with an infusion glass. Grow your own herbal add-ins for a renewed sense of farm to table pride year-round.

Garden jars with herbs by kitchen window
Happy Cultivating,
The Modern Sprout Team

Words by: Sydney Gutierrez 

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