The Tech-Curious Grower

The Tech-Curious Grower

Hiya! I’m a curious cat. I’ve never made an impulsive choice, but I always make the right decision for me and my goals. I love research for the joy found in learning. I’m a real “but what’s the process like?” kind of person.

My hobbies may feel niche, but when I get to talking about my new passion, you’ll feel like one of the pros thanks to my contagious enthusiasm. I’ll even point you to my favorite reddit forums along the way and make the occasional book rec.


Are you this grower? Do you know this grower?

A Tech-Curious grower, is all about the stats. What’s the phosphorus ratio to nitrates in my liquid nutrients? Is this enough to support my growth goals for my new plant? What about all of my other plants?

soil scoop, brush, tweezers and plant nutrients sitting on a coffee table

You’re full of questions, and we love that about you. Modern Sprout digs your hunger for knowledge. That’s why our design is so transparent. We believe science and style should coexist. We never want to sacrifice a cozy space with industrial-one-trick-pony-style lighting. That’s why our systems are wholly dimmable via our smart app and come in a range of colors and styles suited to any interior you can think of.

modern sprout brass grow house planted with herbs sitting on a kitchen counter top

Our grow kits? A Tech-Curious Grower’s Paradise. Opportunities abound, our kits are compatible with a wide variety of seed types even beyond our in-stock seeds. With so much possibility to hack your grows, it gets the gears turning within wondering “What are my limits, and how do I reach them?” So experiment. Boldly play where you have not before. Test lighting, PH values, and water quality to fine tune your perfect garden.

Modern Sprout Tapered Tumbler Basil Grow Kit Components

In addition to creating unique grow technology before the houseplant and hobby boom of 2020, we experimented too. At Modern Sprout, we know the growing world is booming. We work hard and make thoughtful choices for people and planet. That’s why we can talk shop and design at the same time- something that not all hobby companies in this field can say. We’re reusable, we’re sustainable in our own right, and we’re pretty freaking cool. And with each passing year, we’re taking steps to keep growing for you and with you.

transplanting a green plant and adding more soil to the pot

Happy Cultivating,

Sydney Gutierrez


thrive promise

thrive promise

We love a growth mindset! All products are backed by our Thrive Promise; our commitment to supporting your success.