POP goes the planter!

POP goes the planter!

They’re adorable-we know. But there’s more than meets the eye to our seed pops!

What’s in these seed pops?

Culinary 3 Pack

  • Mama Mia Pizza Seed Blend: Organic Basil, Tomato, Fennel Mixed Seeds
  • Super Greens Seed Blend: Organic Wheatgrass, Spinach, Kale Mixed Seeds
  • Stir Fry Seed Blend: Organic Thai Basil, Garlic Chives, Pak Choi Mixed Seeds

Pollinator 3 Pack

  • Bumble Bee Seed Blend: China Aster, Lanced-Leaved & Plains, Coreopsis, Purple Coneflower, Wild Bergamot, Black-Eyed Susan
  • Hummingbird Seed Blend: Wild Bergamot, Black-Eyed Susan, Dwarf, Spurred Snapdragon, Sweet William Pinks, Lance-Leaved Coreopsis
  • Butterfly Seed Blend: Dwarf Cosmos, Black-Eyed Susan, Butterfly Milkweed, Wild Bergamot, Purple Coneflower, Lance-Leaved & Plains Coreopsis

How tall will my plants be?

Under ideal conditions, some seed pop varieties can grow to be 18 inches tall, if not a bit more!

After seed sprouts are 3-5 inches tall, we recommend transplanting them around your designated growing space for the most fruitful yield! After your seed sprouts are 3-5 inches tall, we’d recommend transplanting sprouts around your planting area for peak fruiting results. Moving them yourself will provide more varied ground cover as well!

Where should I plant my Seed Pops?

Our seed pop blends are composed of full-sun seed types. This means seed pops should get between 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. We recommend south facing windows, south facing balcony boxes, or garden beds without the presence of shade for the best results! Plant seed pops roughly 3 feet apart when starting.

Can Seed Pops be planted outside?

Seed pops can be planted directly outdoors, after your region’s final frost date. We recommend starting pops indoors prior to this date to protect your sprouts from the elements and potential garden pests.

Click here to determine your region’s final frost date.

Water pops daily until sprouts grow to be 3 inches tall. Once sprouts reach this height, water every other day.

Read on to learn about indoor starts, for a faster outdoor crop!


Can Seed Pops be planted indoors?

If starting Seed Pops indoors without full sun coverage, (Growing during the winter, shaded sun coverage, or a lack of windows could all apply), consider supplementing the sun with a growlight.

Seed Pops are happily grown indoors if they have access to full sun and the appropriate nutrients.

To start indoors, we recommend starting pops in 5 inch pots in traditional potting soil. Bury the seed pop 2/3 under the soil. Set in a warm, sunny window with a minimum temperature of 72 degrees and water daily until sprouts appear. If starting during colder months, move seed pops from the window to an interior table with access to direct sun when temperatures dip below 52 degrees.

Water the seed pops every day until sprouts are established, around 3 inches tall. After this point, work around the sprouts to water every 2-3 days, carefully so as not to disturb the sprouts!

If you are planning to transfer seeds, start Seed Pops 4-8 weeks before the last frost date in an appropriate container. To prepare for transplant, harden off seeds before transferring the pops.

Follow these steps for transferring Seed Pops outdoors:

  1. 4-8 weeks before the last frost date, follow directions and plant the seed pop.
  2. Harden off seed pop
  3. Gently transplant and split the young plants to the desired planting container
  4. Be sure to continue to provide regular watering.


What does it mean to “harden off” plants?

“Hardening off” means adapting seedlings to their new environment and climate. You can harden off your plants by placing seedlings outside in the shade and out of the wind for a few hours each day over the course of 1-2 weeks. Moving too quickly or forgetting your seeds can “Shock” seedlings or kill the young plants.

Once your plant is established, or about 5 inches tall, you will need to fertilize it. Give our nutrients a try! Our Bloom formula is specially designed for fruiting and flowering types.

Transplant your pops once seedlings have 2-3 sets of true leaves and outside night temps stay above 55°F. You may need to repot indoors before the outdoors is ready.

After transplanting into its forever home, tamp the soil around the base of your young plants and water the area helping the new additions settle into the growing space.

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Happy Cultivating,

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