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No sprouts after 3 weeks?

Hi there, I bought champagne poppies grow kit and after 3 weeks, no sprouts. Following the directions, I tend to have a green thumb, and they have great sunlight in my office. The seeds were teeny tiny like dust. IS that normal. Would you send a replacement to try again? I bought the panter on on November 4th, 2022 - ORDER BR-678606. Thanks! - Stacey

Love Modern Sprout

They’re products are top notch, great customer service, and reasonably priced.

Love it

Love it!

Perfect addition!

Besides being beautiful, it’s perfect to use for my morning glories and other plants that need misting, rather than watering.

Watering Cans
Erica Marcus
Great Quality and design

I love this watering can! I have been eyeing it for a while but thought it was too expensive, but once I was sent a Black Friday coupon, I finally broke down and bought It. It holds a lot of water, and I no longer have to refill numerous times like I was doing with my other can. Also, I have no problem holding it with one hand while watering my plants and I’m not spilling water everywhere.

Great pruning shears!

Love them! Great quality and was impressed with the quick shipping!

This product has really helped my indoor plants. I highly recommend it

Smart Growbar
Allison Trapp
I like it with one caveat

This is a great little grow lamp with a nice long cord. The only thing I wish is that it came with screw holes—I cannot get it to stay on the ceiling I'm using it on with the provided adhesive, nor another adhesive I had already. I've ordered some max strength adhesive and hoping for the best, but it would be great if screws were an option for people who did want a more permanent placement.

I’m never buying herbs again

I just propagated my old grows for the year and transplanted them into the hydroplanter. SCORE!

Uplift Planter
Love it!

Love this planter! The design fits perfectly with my midcentury modern decor, and the app makes setting up a lighting schedule so easy. My Christmas Cactus is so happy!

Smart Standard Growframe
Miranda Stoddard
Worth the work for setup

Took me a little while to sort out linking the frame to the app on my phone, but being able to adjust brightness and set a light schedule is well worth it - I have two tiny bonsai who are currently very much enjoying all the light they want in my gloomy northern climate!

Great !

Love this toy! So fun for my 6yo

I love the mystery grab bag!

I ordered a large mystery grab bag and was so excited to open the bag today. Inside were lots of fun items that I can’t wait to gift to family and friends this holiday season!

So excited about this!

I've had my eye on this grow light piece for a long time now, and finally made the purchase. It looks gorgeous on the wall in my living room and made it easy to bring my herb garden inside before it gets too cold!

Ornament Seed Kits
Candace U
Didn't work

I bought poinsettia ornament seed kits for both my daughter and mother-in-law, and they didn't grow. They started out with many seedlings, however despite all the TLC, they eventually all peetered out and died. Wouldn't waste my time or money!

Light keeps falling off the bar

This grow light is perfect for my space and my plants love it…BUT for such an expensive light, I expected the LEDs to better secured to the bar. The adhesive back keeps unsticking and the LEDs keep falling down.

I got this at a little plant shop and I love it but I didn’t receive the carbon packet in my and I hope it can grow without it but I’m not sure.

Hi Myrissa! We're orry to hear you're down a carbon packet.

You can make a quick substitute by lightly sprinkling ground cinnamon from your spice cabinet.

The MS Team

Hostess gift

I bought some mini jars as a hostess gift and it was a huge hit. What a clever idea!!


Put one in my closet and everyone I open it my nose is hit with a beautiful aroma. I’ve been looking for something like this and was very glad to see one of the places I get my plants sells them.

Terracotta Grow Kits
Humberto Ortiz
Beautiful and Easy

I used these as prizes for a game at a party and they were a HIT! Everyone thought these were so cute and I’ve gotten feedback that the cactus and aloe are already starting to grow! I would absolutely buy these as gifts and for myself.

Glow & Grow - Desert Oasis
Humberto Ortiz
Smells fantastic, looks beautiful

I gifted this to my mom for her office and it was the perfect gift. The scent is present, but not overwhelming. The vessel is beautiful on her desk! She opted to use it as a pen/pencil holder and planted the seeds in another container. This was a great choice for her since she's not an experienced gardener, but still enjoys having plants around!

Terracotta Grow Kits
Lisa DoCampo
So cute!

My little sprouts are just coming up but the terra-cotta planter and the whole set up are so cute! Loving it so far!

Tapered Tumbler Grow Kits
Sandra C Martin
Beautiful design and simple instructions

Love this product! I have purchased other grow kits before with no success but with this grow kit I have now tiny basil seedlings in under 2 weeks! Cannot recommend this enough.

Working great so far, but confusing instructions

I got two of these jars about 2 weeks ago, and they seem to be growing well! I am excited to use them. The only thing is that the instructions seem unnecessarily hard to follow. Nothing is labeled on the manual or in the kit, so I was left puzzling over the instructions - what is the net pot vs the reservoir? Is my “plant fertilizer” packet plant food or grow medium? I eventually realized you can identify most things with the video (though not the plant food - I’m just hoping I got that one right. After setup I was left with two different things, a green packet labeled “plant fertilizer” and a white packet with no label. I’m guessing/hoping they’re each plant food for a different plant). But although the video shows you what’s what for the most part, it’s missing a lot of the info from the written instructions. So there was a lot of going back and forth between different kinds of instructions in order to set the jars up. It would be really helpful if everything in the kit came labeled! Or if the instruction manual helped you understand what you’re looking at when you open the kit.

Smart Standard Growframe - Emerald
Emily Hyde
Simple, easy to install, and cute!

This grow frame is perfect for adding plants to walls that don't get enough natural light to thrive. It removes the hassle of installing shelves, grow lights, and managing a bunch of cords. The grow frame took a few steps to connect to the app, but once I got it connected it's been easy to manage.

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thrive promise

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