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Seek Peace - Mindful Meditation KitSeek Peace - Mindful Meditation Kit
Rooted CandlesRooted Candles
Rooted Candles
Sale price$12.99
Seed BombSeed Bomb
Seed Bomb
Sale price$6.99
Terracotta Grow KitsTerracotta Grow Kits
Terracotta Grow Kits
Sale price$24.00
Plant Parent - Botanical Gift Box SetPlant Parent - Botanical Gift Box Set
Shine Bright - Radiant Positivity KitShine Bright - Radiant Positivity Kit
Smart GrowbarSmart Growbar
Smart Growbar
Sale price$99.00
Digital Gift Card
Digital Gift Card
Sale priceFrom $25.00
New Arrival
Seed Pops - PollinatorSeed Pops - Pollinator
Seed Pops - Pollinator
Sale price$5.99
New Arrival
Seed Pops - GardenSeed Pops - Garden
Seed Pops - Garden
Sale price$5.99
New Arrival
Seed Confetti PopperSeed Confetti Popper
Seed Confetti Popper
Sale price$6.99
New Arrival
Agave Grow KitAgave Grow Kit
Agave Grow Kit
Sale price$29.99
Air Plant Mystery Box 5-Pk
Air Plant Mystery Box 5-Pk
Sale price$25.00
Sold out
Aroma Diffuser, 3-packAroma Diffuser, 3-pack
Aroma Diffuser, 3-pack
Sale price$17.99 Regular price$24.99
Botanical Keepers, 2pkBotanical Keepers, 2pk
Botanical Keepers, 2pk
Sale price$9.99
Bright Side Seed BallsBright Side Seed Balls
Bright Side Seed Balls
Sale price$11.99
Cosmic Seed KitsCosmic Seed Kits
Cosmic Seed Kits
Sale price$8.99
Find Balance - Grounding Aloe KitFind Balance - Grounding Aloe Kit
Flower Grow KitsFlower Grow Kits
Flower Grow Kits
Sale price$38.00
Growing Gourmet - Botanical Gift Box SetGrowing Gourmet - Botanical Gift Box Set
Sale price$34.00

4 colors available

Seed SalutationsSeed Salutations
Seed Salutations
Sale price$5.99
Sold out
Seek Peace Essential Oil Roller, 3-packSeek Peace Essential Oil Roller, 3-pack
Seek Peace Essential Oil Roller, 3-pack
Sale price$8.99 Regular price$9.99
Sold out
Shine Bright Sugar Scrub, 3-packShine Bright Sugar Scrub, 3-pack
Shine Bright Sugar Scrub, 3-pack
Sale price$9.99 Regular price$12.99
Save $4.00
Shine Bright Face Mist, 3-packShine Bright Face Mist, 3-pack
Shine Bright Face Mist, 3-pack
Sale price$15.99 Regular price$19.99
Smart GrowhouseSmart Growhouse
Smart Growhouse
Sale price$239.00

2 colors available

Smart Standard GrowframeSmart Standard Growframe
Smart Standard Growframe
Sale price$219.00

4 colors available

Smart Landscape GrowframeSmart Landscape Growframe
Smart Landscape Growframe
Sale price$289.00

3 colors available

New Arrival
Tiny Terracotta Garden KitsTiny Terracotta Garden Kits
Tiny Terracotta Garden Kits
Sale price$12.99
Tiny Terracotta KitsTiny Terracotta Kits
Tiny Terracotta Kits
Sale price$12.99


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